Featured beekeeping Classes for 2019

introduction TO beekeeping

Date’s: April  27, May,4, May 11

Time: 1pm -4pm

Cost: $40

Location:  LYON BEE FARM

Topics covered

*Equipment and Organization 

*Hive Inspection

*Feeding and supplements 

*Life Cycle of the bee 

*Mite Control and other problems

*Setting your goals

Please note that this is a live class with working bees present, and stings are a possibility.  Although we do not require you wear protective gear & clothing to attend, we recommend you do so if it best suits your comfort level.  We do not loan out protective gear.  You are welcome to bring your own.  We do not recommend bringing pets or small children to the class as they can behave unpredictably. Our events take place on a working bee farm and attendees assume all responsibility for stings or injuries that may occur.

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